FOX News Anchors Under Fire for Criticizing Black Student Who Went Viral for 20 University Acceptances

This past week, social media has been celebrating along side senior, Micheal Brown, who shared his accomplishment and joy at being awarded acceptance and a full ride scholarship to all twenty universities that he applied to, four of them being Ivy League. With a 4.68 GPA, it is undeniable that he spent his High School career putting in the work he needed to reach his goals.

Coming from a background of financial instability in the Third Ward of Houston, Brown made it his goal to provide stability for himself and his family. However, conservative news outlet, FOX News, is not under fire for criticizing him for applying and receiving admission from all twenty schools. Co-anchor Holly Morris even went as far as calling him “obnoxious” because he is allegedly taking a spot from “someone else who worked really hard“. This is ridiculous considering that he earned the admission with his own hard work and dedication to his studies and community. Admission to university is not something that is handed to you. Just because you work hard doesn’t always mean you will get in, but Micheal Brown’s character has shown to be something that universities want to see on their campuses. It is rash and ignorant to assume that he doesn’t deserve admission into all of the schools he was accepted into. Their other argument was that in applying to so many schools he was being selfish and essentially wait listing other deserving students just by simply being accepted. This is absolutely ridiculous considering that if a university really wants a student, they will be accepted. He can only go to one school so once he accepts his offer, his space will open up anyways. This is completely unrelated to the amount of school she chose to apply to so their argument is completely skewed.

Looking into this farther, Brown is a proud member of his school’s organization Young Democrats and their varsity debate team. It could be very possible that Fox’s conservative and biased organization could have identified him as a threat to their agenda. After all, Fox has been known to criticize successful and accomplished young people who do not fit their mold of conservative, straight, and white. However, this particular instance of unwarranted criticism really exposes them for their deep rooted racism and classism.

After the backlash from their segment, co-anchor, Sarah Frasser tweeted an apology to Micheal Brown which he maturely accepted.

Brown’s tremendous accomplishment is not up for discussion or debate, so why criticize him so heavily on national television for reasons other than pure ignorance and bias against minorities. Instead of focusing so heavily on tearing down minorities who are creating a life for themselves despite the obstacles that our society puts in their path, maybe they should be focusing on fact checking themselves.



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