Holding Myself Accountable For My Success

“New year, new me”.

You’ve seen it all over social media by now. People all over the world, your friends and relatives, are all claiming that this year is going to be the year that changes everything. Funny thing is, they said that last year… and the year before that… and the year before that. In fact, you probably did too.

So did I.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve prepared rigorously at the end of each year to welcome the New Year as refreshed and ambitious as possible, spending hours of precious time brainstorming and writing resolutions. However, that motivation and drive usually ends right around 2pm on New Years day when I realize that staying up until five in the morning, using a half eaten bag of doritos as a pillow, was probably not a great idea. While I was preparing to do the exact same this year I came to the realization that instead of spending time preparing for New Years, I should just start doing what I want to accomplish a little bit early and not waste my time while I wait for New Years to roll around again. That way, I won’t feel so guilty about being unproductive when I wake up at 2pm on New Years Day, again. (For the record I woke up at noon this year. I’ve really got myself together this year.)

This year, I didn’t write resolutions. Instead, I promised myself that I will be holding myself accountable for any and all of my success. I promised myself to use the time given to me this year to work on myself, and accomplish the tangible things that I have always wanted to do. Instead of writing my resolutions, I started to work. I submitted my first pitch (proposal for an article) to a pretty prevalent online publication, where I actually have the opportunity to get paid generously for my writing. Because it would be a dream come true to make a living off doing what I love and what I do best, I hoped on it with just a few days left in 2017. The motivation shot me into the New Year, full speed ahead and ready to take on anything.

As my motivation continuously picks up speed, my resolutions are appearing naturally, instead of me picking them out of a generic list I found on Pinterest. No, I’m not going to do a 14-day cucumber water cleanse and start taking underwater basket weaving classes. But I sure as hell am going to get sh*t done and make my goals happen. This year I’ve made it my goal to start profiting off of my work, and expanding my influence. I want to branch out to different platforms. Maybe I’ll finally start my YouTube channel. Maybe I’ll start a weekly podcast. Maybe I’ll be on TV. Who knows. But my only rule for myself is that I have to be satisfied with whatever I produce. No matter how small, I want to feel like I worked for my accomplishments.

There’s nothing I hate more than people taking credit for my work. Maybe that’s why I am so stubborn and resist asking for help, even when I could use a hand. I think this reflects my desire to succeed on my own terms. Someday, if I ever have to give an acceptance speech, I don’t want to have to list people to thank like I’m reading the credits of a movie. Make sense or am I just vain?

2017 was the year of figuring out what I wanted to do. This year 2018, is the year I start making it happen. Here’s to holding ourselves accountable.

Happy New Year!

Until Next Post,



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