Why I Refuse to Discuss Abortion with Men

It’s no secret that my views are strongly pro-choice when it comes to the issue of abortion. However being pro-choice in no way means that I am pro-abortion. I am pro-education and prevention (i.e. birth control). Getting an abortion is a serious surgical procedure in some cases and is definitely not an easy decision for women who find themselves carrying an unwanted pregnancy. So it’s naive to assume that someone would actively “want” an abortion. In fact, being pro-choice also takes into consideration that some people may have religious beliefs that would prevent them from making the decision to get an abortion. And that’s just fine! I’m not going to berate a woman who is against abortions for carrying her unwanted pregnancy to full term and then giving the child up for adoption. That is her CHOICE. Keyword: CHOICE.

The main issue I have with the pro-life movement is actually not the anti-abortion advocacy. If you are against abortion and want to share your views and educate women on their other options with dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, that is completely fine. And good for you! Like I’ve mentioned before, abortion is not a “happy” thing. If you can provide a woman with the resources she needs to carry an unwanted pregnancy without an abortion then more power to you. You probably have made that woman’s life a whole lot easier. The issue I have with pro-lifers is their intrusion on the medical decisions of women who do decide to go through with an abortion. In many cases, it is critical that a woman get an abortion if there is a severe medical risk associated with the pregnancy. For example, if an ectopic pregnancy occurs (which is where the egg is fertilized and implants outside of the uterus), it is critical that the pregnancy is terminated or the woman will most definitely die. No question about it. The effects of an ectopic pregnancy include organ rupture, failure, and a fatal loss of blood if not taken care of promptly after its discovery. Additionally, there is not a chance that the fetus will survive to term, regardless of whether or not an abortion takes place. So in this situation “pro-life” essentially becomes “pro-suffering and death”.

Although I do not agree with the pro-life stance on abortion, if a woman approaches me on the subject and wants to have a civilized debate or discussion about our opposing views, I will welcome her opinions and argument with open arms. However, if a man approaches me wanting to tell me what I can and can’t or should and shouldn’t do with my body, I’m calling bullshit. Bottom line: If you are a man that favors the criminalization of abortion, your opinion means absolutely nothing and I’m not even going to discuss with you. If that hurts your ego, I’m not sorry. But I am sorry that your school system failed you and never ended up with correct information.

When male politicians come up with ridiculous policies that intend to defund planned parenthood, ban birth control, end affordable care, stop sex education in schools and yet STILL criminalize abortions, it gives me a headache. All of those things would help decrease the amount of abortions in the first place! Additionally, sexual education, birth control, and planned parenthood all help girls become more knowledgeable and have better sexual health. Some birth control methods can even help to prevent certain types of cervical and uterine cancers. Birth control saves lives. And one major factor to consider…. CIS MEN DON’T UNDERSTAND FEMALE SEXUAL HEALTH. I can’t say this enough. How would you know what is good for me if you do not understand me? In the end, you only care what is good for YOU. Why is nobody questioning that viagra is not going to be banned? “Pregnancy is natural”. Well then so is a limp penis.



Photo source: convinceandconvert.com


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