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My Experience at the D.C. Pride Parade 2017

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity of heading into D.C. with my good friend, Carolyne (who also has a blog!  www.bookishqueen.blog), to join in the Pride Month festivities. Both of us have never been to Pride so we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

As soon as we arrived at the Parade, we were immediately surrounded by color, music, and dance. Everyone was beyond friendly. Random people were taking pictures together and handing each other necklaces, water, and other goodies.

These two gorgeous people agreed to take a picture with us

The thing that was so humbling about being at Pride was how united all the participants were. It was a complete no-judge-zone. Even the protestors that were there weren’t “anti-LGBTQ” protestors. They were other LGBTQ individuals who didn’t agree with the fact that Capital Pride is put on almost completely by large corporations that support mass incarceration and are suspected to exploit foreign workers. I look forward to looking more into their movement and learning about what these apparently “progressive” companies are actually doing to the world. The more you can learn about the subtext of mass social justice movements, the more you realize how companies capitalize off of them.

This aside, Pride was an excellent opportunity for me to witness thousands of individuals in my community being unapologetically themselves- something I have never had the opportunity to see before. The experience truly boosted my self confidence.

Before I end this post, here’s some of the highlights of Pride:


I hope to participate next year as well. Happy Pride Month!

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