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There Is No Such Thing As A “Bikini Body”

Every year as people begin making their plans for summer vacation, I start to notice a very disturbing, reoccurring theme between the magazines millions of women turn to for ideas. On nearly every single cover, there are promises of articles filled with tips on how to achieve a “bikini body”. But what even is a bikini body?

By examining America’s cultural ideals regarding body image, magazines often refer to the image of a tall, skinny, tan, athletic, white, blonde, able-bodied woman who radiates sex appeal. I even did a quick google check of the term and yep, they are ALL skinny, white women. Go see for yourself. But the truth of the matter is, hardly anyone fits into that box! I, myself, am a short, brunette girl who is recovering from a medicine induced eating disorder and who has learning disabilities. According to the media, I do not have a bikini body.

But does that mean I am not going to wear one? Hell no!

Because if you really take the time to examine the term itself all you really need to do to get a “bikini body”, is put a bikini on a body. It may take some digging but if you look hard enough, you can find hundreds of women who are not confined to society’s standards of beauty that will definitely be rocking a two piece this summer. And just in case you don’t know where to look, here is one of my favorites.

ashley graham suit
Plus-size model, Ashley Graham, recently launched her own line of size-inclusive swim wear.

A body positivity advocate and model, Ashley Graham, recently launched her own swim suit line designed to be size inclusive. Her designs crush old fashion rules regarding plus-sized swim wear and all the suits look amazing. Additionally, Graham’s suits are modeled by a diverse group of models.

If you are struggling with body image this summer, please remember that all you need to do to achieve the bikini body of your dreams is to go find yourself an adorable suit that you feel good in, and put in on your body. No matter what you look like, your body is good enough. And if anyone has something negative to share, your body is not there for the purpose of their viewing pleasure.

Have a wonderful summer.

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