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The “Pro-Life” Argument

After a few years of neutrality between individuals with strong “Pro-Life” or “Pro-Choice” opinions, it sure seemed like the election brought a new wave of disagreement and tension between the two groups. The fact that I participated in the Women’s March on Washington probably gives you some insight into my personal views on the matter, so I’ll just leave it at that. However, after looking into some of the rhetoric of the “Pro-Life” and discussing with several different Pro-Life peers, I couldn’t help but notice the hypocritical undertones within the movement.

Now for a quick disclaimer! I do think that the individuals who support Pro-Life have valid personal reasons to believe what they believe. It’s absolutely ok to have a difference in opinion. However, when that opinion turns into life ruining or ending federal legislation, a real issue arises.

By definition, the Pro-Life movement calls for the overturn of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortions legal nation wide. Before this ruling, each state would make this decision itself. Once Roe v. Wade took effect, many conservative religious groups (particularly Catholics, Baptists, etc.) became outraged. By aborting a fetus, it is believed that a human life is being taken away and constitutes in their eyes as murder. From a religious standpoint this is valid. From a scientific standpoint, not so much. I have yet to meet a “Pro-Life” supporter who’s views do not stem from conservative religious affiliation of some sort. Every time I’ve asked for an answer about why their views are the way they are, God, sin, hell, and/or Jesus is ALWAYS, without fail, somewhere in the answer. Now don’t get me wrong. I, myself, am a practicing christian. I like God and I think Jesus said some pretty cool stuff. But at the end of the day, our country has a clear separation of church and state. If this is truly a religious issue, then counter-legislature against abortions should not be passed. It’s our right as Americans. Additionally, At the point of a fetus’s development where an abortion would be safe and legal, the fetus would not be able to support itself outside of the womb. In a lot of cases, the fetus is aborted before the brain and other important organs even begin to form. For this reason, it is arguable that while the fetus is “alive” it cannot constitute as “life”. One of the key characteristics of life is that the organism must be self sufficient. However, a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy cannot sustain itself.

After much discussion with my mother, we arrived at the conclusion that a more fitting name for the “Pro-Life” movement would be “Pro-Birth”. What I feel is most commonly misunderstood by the “Pro-Life” movement is the sad truth that most abortions are necessary to prevent the death of the mother. Young girls who are not fully physically developed are at a much higher chance of death during pregnancy and delivery. There is also the instance of a woman conceiving a child in a situation like rape and/or incest. In these cases especially, abortion becomes necessary for the health of the mother. It isn’t just the fetus’s “life” at risk. It is the mother’s undeniable right to life that reigns superior. So how can a movement that does not support a living woman’s life be called “Pro-Life”?

If the “Pro-Life” movement really does want to save lives, instead of using all of the passion behind the cause on passing legislature that could be harmful to the health of millions of  women, why not band together to improve the quality of life of impoverished moms who have already had their babies? After all, by providing for moms who are struggling, it would open up doors for women to potentially carry their fetus to term instead of abortion.

To Pro-Life Supporters,

Your movement is valid but anti-abortion legislation will only hurt lives. Instead, I encourage you to focus on helping those who are already here because only then can your movement truly be Pro-Life. And ultimately, If you don’t agree with abortions, there’s an easy solution. Don’t get an abortion.

Until next post,



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