A Closer Look at Trump’s First Presidential Interview- A Commentary

There were many mixed emotions surrounding the beginning of the Trump presidency. Many were angry, some were thrilled, and most everyone had no idea what would happen next. However, as the days Trump has been in office have accumulated, even some original Trump supporters are stunned and angered by the actions of the candidate they trusted with their vote.

As tradition goes, ABC News, a well recognized and credible news organization, conducted Trump’s first presidential interview to get a better look at Trump’s experiences regarding the beginning of his term as well as his policies on several important issues. I sat down with my notepad and an open mind to watch the interview and gather what information I could from the program. Although I tried my best to give Trump a chance at proving himself as a worthy and qualified leader, even as just a mediocre human being, I can’t say I was surprised at how horrified and disgusted I was as I listened to him ramble.

Trump began the interview by insisting to David Muir, one of ABC’s best, that he could in fact “be the most presidential person ever” but that he may not be able to do the job as well if he did. First of all, Mr. Trump, as president it is YOUR JOB to be presidential. That is where the adjective ‘presidential‘ comes from so I am really not catching the point that was trying to be made with that statement. To stay relatively on the topic of misuse of words and grammar I’d also like to point out that “bigly” is definitely, most certainly, not a word.

Bringing up more important policy issues, David Muir inquired about Trump’s plans regarding the discriminatory “muslim ban” and the wall that “Mexico will pay for”. Trump’s vague response regarding his plans for a so-called “muslim ban” foreshadowed the sickening events of the days following the interview as Trump released an executive order on Holocaust Remembrance Day halting immigration, travel, and refugee escape to the states from several primarily muslim countries. Of course Trump didn’t ban any of the countries he has business in. Why am I not surprised?

Millions of Americans are also still stumped over Trump’s claim to “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” when in reality, a wall won’t affect anything and the fund will come straight from tax payer dollars and a tax on goods from Mexico- both of which will affect Americans “bigly”. Aside from Trump’s claims, the Mexican government has clarified and reiterated over and over again that it will not be paying a single penny; but somehow, Trump still believes “no” means “yes” in Spanish.

By far the most alarming response of the entire interview came when Trump clarified his position of military action. “When it comes to the military, I want the action to take place before the talk takes place.”

Seriously? Are you hearing this? Y’all, this lunatic has our nuclear codes. This cannot end well. The reason we talk before making military decisions is to prevent unnecessary conflicts and save lives.

The sheer volume of invalid and/or hypocritical claims made by Trump was appalling. Despite his rant regarding voter fraud which he claims didn’t swing the results his way at all, it turns out his own daughter, Tiffany Trump, is actually registered to vote in two separate states- voter fraud that almost certainly benefitted him.

I could go on and on about the intensely corrupt and terrifying details but for time’s sake, I will keep this brief. When asked about his critics and opponents, Trump states, “I don’t call them critics. I call them fools.” It is no secret that I am personally one of the biggest critics of Trump amongst my friends and family. You could even go as far as calling me a hater. But as long as we are just fools, I suppose Trump won’t mind it one bit when America comes together to prevent his desired corruption and ends his tyranny.

As Winston Churchill said, “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.” And Mr. Trump, you are about to learn.

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