Remembering Carrie Fisher

Yesterday morning I woke up to the heartbreaking news that one of my childhood idols, Carrie Fisher, passed away. I think that most everyone can agree that we’ve lost a lot of amazing and talented people this year but Carrie Fisher? The Carrie Fisher? I couldn’t believe it.
Growing up with a space obsessed father, I was exposed to Star Wars as soon as my dad believed I would understand it. The nonstop action, humor, and storyline was great but what really captured my fascination was Princess Leia. She confused me. She was a princess, but she was different from any princess I had ever seen. She was so strong and independent and never once was tempted by “the dark side”.

About a decade ago, little Bekah decided to be Princess Leia for Halloween.

I definitely credit Carrie Fisher and her character with subconsciously making me aware of feminist ideals and the potential strength I could possess as a woman. With so much of media for children circling around the premise that a prince always saves the damsel in distress, having characters like Princess Leia to inspire young girls is so important. Even though she is no longer with us, my hope is that her legacy will continue to inspire young girls for generations to come.

May the force be with you, Princess Leia.

Until next post,



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